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A good book can give you the world and all sorts of adventures.  I have traveled extensively through the pages of a book, as well as through my own imagination, since I was a child.

One of the things I imagined is what it would be like to be a published author and now that it's reality, I can share my imaginary travels with you through the pages of my books. Her Man From Shilo came out in March 2013 and Her Knight in Shining Armour in March 2014, through Harlequin's Escape Publishing, their digital line out of Australia.  My latest story entitled, Dancing with the Best Man, is the story of a celebrity dancer who meets his match with the maid of honor at his best friend's wedding.  It's finished and at the moment awaiting a publishing date.  As for what I'm working on now, I hope to be branching out into Harlequin's Medical line with a story called His Caribbean Doc featuring exotic locales, a gorgeous Doctor and a delicious police detective who get caught up in drug smuggling.

Hope you enjoy the adventures of my imagination as much as I have!


Rafferty Pierce's step-father has arranged a marriage for him in order to expand the family ranch.  Just one small problem--Rafferty already has a wife.  Daimiana Casey has loved two things for as long as she can remember. Dancing and Rafferty Pierce.  Passion and tension erupt as these two resolve a lifetime of love.

Her Knight in Shining Armour



Lee Sorenson doesn't need a knight in shining armour to rescue her from her abusive ex-husband.  She's got it all covered on her own.  She's changed her name to Paisley Vitale, liquidated her assets and plans to disappear in Rocky Mountain National Park. Psychiatrist Sterling James has no intention of being anyone's knight.  Circumstances dictate otherwise when he has to rescue Paisley from a life-threatening situation deep in the Colorado Rockies.  He ends up getting more than he bargained for when they're faced with trying to elude Paisley's ex as well as the threat of losing their hearts to each other.

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​Her Man From Shilo



​Romance laced with tension, drama and a dash of fun
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